Fix "Jump to" "Move to" interface confusion.

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Fix "Jump to" "Move to" interface confusion.

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Hi I'm new here, but may have been using I2P for some time.

I'm passionate about I2P and the opportunities it can provide to people.

Recently I found a confusing user interface issue in Susimail whereby and I'll quote myself here, "we have two different functions that look the same and appear in the same place but do two different things depending on the 'state'. The two 'states' being reading an email or viewing a list of emails. I think this does need to be addressed for UI readability and ease of use."

While a user is viewing a list of emails the drop down interface for selecting a folder jumps to that folder, ie. something akin to a GET request and a process that doesn't change anything. However when a user is on an "email page", or reading an email, the same interface sends the email you are reading to that folder, this changes something.

I do have professional web development experience and know how to do Javascript free development, so I'd be happy to chip in and do a Merge Request to improve the UI in this way. You might have a better way to resolve this and if so, please share it. That's why I'm posting in the forum :) My thought process, in solving the problem this way, is that by providing a more consistent UI, people don't need to read more words to do what they want, they simply know that the top bar tells them where they are and the associated "hamburger menu" can be used to quickly jump to another folder.

The more intuitive the interface the better for everyone, including the less tech savvy.

Where's the git repository for Susimail?
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