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I2P Configurating Launcher for Chromium

Posted: 30 Mar 2020 14:24
by eyedeekay
Another project to make I2P Browsing easier for the masses, but Chromium is very different than Firefox, so this isn't a pure extension. Instead, it's a combination of an extension and a Go application, which automatically configures a fresh Chromium profile for I2P browsing and installs a webextension to enforce Proxy settings, anti-Fingerprinting(Such as it is in Chromium), and WebRTC obedience. Ultimately, it gives you an I2P Browsing profile for Chromium in one single click, rather than the 10-step procedure it was before. It also works on Windows, OSX, and Linux since the launcher is written in Go and uses the library [url=]zserge/lorca[url] to locate and launch the appropriately installed Chromium-based browser.

So yeah, cross-platform, one-click browsing of I2P using Chromium-based browsers is now a thing!