Imule crashes during Start

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Imule crashes during Start

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after start-up, when building up connections to the Kad-Network, i-mule constantly crashes. run undder Win10 even in Win/8/7/Vista/XP Mode it alway crashes.
In I2P: 2019/06/22 15:16:32 | KRITISCH [al Reader 13] 2p.router.client.ClientManager: Client attempted to register duplicate destination gp6bdbhorc2ajemdk6bpyvd4dukb6t7dkczntjcj3rpb3qizvcaq.b32.i2p

Any Idea for search?

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Re: Imule crashes during Start

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I think iMule is very much unmaintained these days. But if you happen to be a developer with wxWidgets expertise, feel free to sort it out. The source is all there.
I tried and failed.
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