Server expenses reimbursement for 2018

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Server expenses reimbursement for 2018

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We provide reimbursement for a portion of project server expenses each January. If you run a critical i2p site or service, you are eligible to request funding.

Also, for those that run a reseed server only, and it has been up and providing good service for the previous 12 months, we offer 100 Euros as partial compensation.

This offer is to cover actual data center costs incurred. We do not compensate people for their time or other expenses under this program.

These funds are to cover expenses incurred in 2018. We do not advance funds under this program. All requests for reseed or server funds must be made via email to echelon@mail.i2p by January 31, 2019. Requests after that date will not be honored, wait until next year!

Note: BTC is the preferred payment method. Please include your BTC address in your request.
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