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Re: How to seed

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1. reseed is simple: fetch the .torrent file and put it together with the data in the i2psnark folder. Wait for i2psnark to read it and click on start. It should check the data file and if it fits, it will seed it.

2. You copy the data into the I2Psnark data folder, click on "create torrent", enter the file to seed in the textbox, select the tracker you want to use and click on create torrent. Afterwards a .torrent file is created in i2psnark data folder, which is seeded on opentracker (if selected).
You can upload the .torrent to postman or other i2p trackers and seed them with those, if you like.

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Re: How to seed

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Besides what echelon said,
There are also 2 very fast integration of both router and snark.
1. Install a previous version of the router at this time 0.9.33 and allow updates to be installed 0.9.34
2. Seed i2pupdate by zzz from snark.

I don't suggest you do this all the time but if you want to find a lot of peers quickly... I don't judge.
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Re: How to seed

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Hello & thx all! :D
new user here...sorting things out. LoL
Thx in advance - from a new user!
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