[Guide] How to use Postman Mail Service in Claws Mail

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[Guide] How to use Postman Mail Service in Claws Mail

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In this tutorial i will show some images on how to set up the mail client 'Claws mail' to work with the hq.postman mail service which is gently provided by postman.

Following this http://hq.postman.i2p/?page_id=9 , you can find other suggested mail clients, take in note that 'Sylpheed' looks like almost the same as 'Claws Mail', the latter having a 'modern' UI compared with the former.

After selecting the client of your choice, you have to create a mail account in the postman service, for that you should go to:


After reading carefully the terms, you complete in the bottom of the page the required fields.
Then, you will receive the details about the account created.

Save those, since are the ones needed for the account setup.
You have also an option to be present in the public addressbook, which sound useful. It is disabled by default, so you can decide if you check it or not.

After the account is created, you open claws mail (instructions on how to install it may vary depending of OS/distribution).
You will have several steps, on fresh startup, to configure your mail account.

Several images in here are provided with numbers, you should insert in the number field, the values that are indicated in the bottom of pictures


1: mail adress , your mail address, @mail.i2p

2: Nickname/handle/fullname you have selected on account creation

3: The password given upon account creation.


4: SMTP port, check your i2p client to see which one is the port value. Notice that you should enable SMTP tunnel to this to work.
5: POP port. Check it into i2p client. A POP tunnel also should be enabled.


6: Your SOCKS port. Socks is enabled by default in i2p clients as far as i know. Check your i2p router documentation or configuration file to see which one is.

An extra step to remove headers who may identify you:


(Untick all of those options)

I encourage to read all the items present in the postman hq page, to have more information.

Feel free to suggest changes/imprevements.

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