Something like an upload folder in MuWire?.

The MuWire file sharing application
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Something like an upload folder in MuWire?.

Post by robabok978 »

I would like to open up a public folder where others can upload files. The folder can be search by others, with a name, hash or whatever. The upload could can be placed at any point of the tree. This could get messy so there could something like a filter to see only wanted parts.

Like a root of a filesystem/folder or a topic tag. The content is filled by other users. It would apear with tree structure.

Could be the same as the updateable collection. But different, because you can't join a collection of others.

1. hash for the startfolder (with 1 files, maybe info)
2. hash for extensions of files/trees by users (collections)
Problemtatic is to place the collection/files at a point in the tree, i think.

At the moment this is somekind doable i think. If i share a folder with one file and put a hash into my comments of the info file in the folder (or maybe the folder has a seperate comment, than this), than others could search for this. They would see my folder with the info file. THere could be additional info what the purpose of the folder or topic is. Whats liked or noot (as usual).

This can't be moderated. Everybody could put the hash into his shared files and maybe even overload the search results.
To defend this, an additional hash or a new hash by the owner would than works against the flooding and so on.

The filestructure appearing would by 1 dim flat at the moment with some entries with folders 2 dim.

The free placing like a real filestructure seems difficult to do to me. Maybe something with hashes and pointers.

At the moment i would upload o folder with a info info file. This folder has a hash file which i publish.
Somebody search for it and search would show my folder and the tree structure of it.
He now wants to put something additional to my topic.
He put my topic/folder hash into his shared files/folder comments and share them.
Searching would will now show my folder and his folder and hopefully nothing else.

And don't know if this will work, because it is hard to test alone. :)
But i think it is possible.
But an option "Search in comments only" is needed.


and how many bytes can be in the comment section? Would a jpeg fit or only ascii art? Code (nothing will be executed, i hope)? Is the comment only on my device or are others have a copy,too?
Just asking, ascii is for sure nice but previews are better as a seperate file.
At the moment the comment part is a little bit wild, like not knowing what to put into. Some standard info format is missing,
but this is up to the users, as many things are, including this topic.
For example if i put a long description of floating text into it, it has many trivial words in it. I don't want to search for that.
If there would be something like a tag for finer searches or excluding in it, this would be easier to provide enough inforation for easier searching.

Re: Something like an upload folder in MuWire?.

Post by zlatinb »

An upload folder is possible, even though I think it's a big risk to allow anonymous people to upload to you. I would add an option to allow uploads only from contacts or specific people.

This is somewhat related to a feature which I plan to do for the release after 0.8.12 which is ability to configure specify only trusted users to see certain files or folders. See

I don't quite understand what you are trying to achieve with the info files or search in comments only. Can you give me some use cases, maybe there's a different way to achieve that?
and how many bytes can be in the comment section
32kb. A jpeg wouldn't fit and there are other issues with pushing jpegs in results but asccii art should be fine.
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Re: Something like an upload folder in MuWire?.

Post by robabok978 »

An upload folder is possible, even though I think it's a big risk to allow anonymous people to upload to you. I would add an option to allow uploads only from contacts or specific people.

That would be like an anonymous (but user restricted) ftp server.Can they create tree filestructures? Space quotas?

And yes it is a very dangerous option, which should not be default. and it should have an extremly glowing effect on the screen, as a feature in the settings and in the library when it is on. Thru all windows on the desktop. Because it so dangerous,lol :)

But if you have a ring of trusted users which you will automatically push files to, without interacting by them, then it will have his usecases. Like having some fast servers to distribute files to first.

Regarding uploading:
An upload to distribute one file to more peers would upload to one peer after the other or all at the same time.
Is it possible to do it the other way around, so that it is also distributed by the peers to eachother?
Like a pushing bittorrent (is this like swarm?). A uploader would trigger a download from other peers to download his file (maybe in his/a specific for him restricted folder?
Is this maybe like a subscribed file feed?

Regarding description:
I am still uncertain how to use the discription. I wouuld like to use it to let my search be more specific and give the downloader more structured information.
Lets say i want to search not for a filename, instead i would like search for and inside information about the movie.
Like the actor, date etc. I know i can use imdb, but what about using the 32kb. It seems to me like an empty paper to fill in the right way. So i thought about a specifc opcode/tag for organizing the information, present it better for the user and get some additional features. To organize in tabs i can write:
End ...
Or i could add tabs, name and fill them in the create decription process.

For example when i then open the description of the file i see the information in TABs and i can click thru the named tabs to find the information i would like. Even a preview could be possible, not in MuWire itself, instead in the preview tab field is the hash of files, i can click to download. Like preview jpg, Screenshot..

Or a tag/tab for source like origin: link

Some name of tabs could be standardized and choose as default like preview, source, additionalTags while creating desriptions.

One other usecase would the use of the description to group files. Let's say people of a thread want to group their files to a specific thread on a forum. They could use a hash in the discription to search only for files of this thread. When you find a file you can easyily can find other files. Like a tagHash. Thinkable as a real hash, a string of threadlink or even unspecific with a tag #coldweatherbyFlying as one string. Thats all possible if a search can be restricted to descrption and more specific to tabs/fields in the description, i think.

Search only for/inside descriptions or more specific inside its specific tabs seems necessary for me to archieve that and to avoid that long natural texts inside the description will trigger to many unrelated search results.


Can i change the desription of a collection after the creation and if not does a recreation does change the hash, even if the files inside did not changed?

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