Tunnel Client SSL setting

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Tunnel Client SSL setting

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ref: http://trac.i2p2.i2p/ticket/2296

We have reports of Android crashes when generating self-signed certs for tunnels.

We don't yet understand the root cause, but this can only happen if the user enables "Client SSL" under "Local ports" in the configuration for a particular client tunnel (or "Use SSL" for server tunnels), as it is not the default.

So we recommend that you do not enable that! Additionally, this is for local SSL between your local tunnel port and your local application, which would be an odd configuration on Android.

If this happened to you, please comment below (or on the trac ticket linked above) on what your setup is or what you were trying to accomplish.

Unfortunately this probably won't be fixed for the upcoming .36 Android release but we'll work on it for .37. In the meantime, don't click the SSL box!
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