MuWire over i2p has been abandoned...but it is still working with some fixing.

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MuWire over i2p has been abandoned...but it is still working with some fixing.

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MuWire over i2p has been abandoned...but it is still working with some fixing.

There is no other app on i2p (i know of) which has the same kazaa, emule, dc++ functionality and usage for easy sharing of files, imo. Otherwise tell me (torrent, dht search i know).
With its search for files feature it fits right into the case for sharing books and make them search-/downloadable for others. Without relaying on other services, which are running with ipfs etc, but don't have the security features needed.

There are 2 options to get it going on windows or linux (the bundle0.8.13 torrent has the mac dmg too)

# Where to get:
MuWire-0.8.13 bundle (exe,appimage,zip,dmg) i2ptorrent

or(if windows)/and(for the

freefallheavens did a bundle with the latest muwire, i2prouter java and updated for windows
his site
thanks btw.

# To check if the is the original release look at ... ible-build
shasum -a 256 gui/build/distributions/
should be
muwire-0.8.13 4a47da057303fec7cc0c9214be3fc4dcf5ba3efe92fc17d322183187bf4e5780

# Get it running:

You have will have to install a new updated i2p router for running muwire in general, otherwise you will get bad performance in the future.
You can check Status (i2p greyed out) in NuWire to check if you are using an extern i2prouter.
# if using in linux
install i2prouter java if you haven't already. (i2pd works too, w/ some config). Run it.
create folder muwire in your home, copy zip to it, extract, make executable: chmod +x MuWire in MuWire-0.8.13/bin
start by execute MuWire
shutdown MuWire by exit

file is needed to find other peers
in your home folder to

restart muwire
it should find peers now.

# Basic usage, all you need for now:

search: tab search, insert search in field (for example ebooks or epub), click "group by file", right click for download
share: library, click share, select folder or files. (Watch out inside folders, if you really want to share all files in it)

you can search for names or hash of a file.
If you want to share a hash of the file, right click, cp hash to clipboard, post (the hash is exactly the file)

I think MuWire is a good solution for sharing of and searching for books and has it niche in it. I don't know how this will scale, but the dev told that every file should be searchable/findable and had tested the sharing of 2 millions files. It could be a secure alternative, with regards to the whenever chance of shutting down other book services like, libgen etc... .
MuWire is easy, just click and post your whole ebooks for others. Not a torrent for every file or big packs which make it difficult to just download 1 book. If you have torrents already seeding ebook packs, it is easy to just share the files in them with muwire too.
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