How to use sushimail in i2pd

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How to use sushimail in i2pd

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Hosting website and connecting to i2p is much easier in i2pd than in i2p (Maybe is my configuration problem), so I am going to migrate to i2pd. But I have sushimail account. How can I use sushimail in i2pd? The postman.i2p seems down.
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Re: How to use sushimail in i2pd

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1. The site is "hq.postman.i2p", not "postman.i2p"
This one is not down for me.

2. You can set up POP3 and SMTP tunnels in i2pd, they are included in the default configuration (but commented out so that they're not enabled by default). See tunnels.conf.
You can just uncomment the sections with pop and smtp.
Then you can point an email client of your choice to the POP3 and SMTP listening ports of the tunnels (in the default config that i mentioned above, i think it's 7660 for POP and 7659 for SMTP).
Through these tunnels, your email client will connect to i2p mail's servers.

Reminder of terminology: POP (POP3) is used to download emails that came to you (and then delete from the server to not waste space because it's limited). SMTP is used to send outgoing emails to other people.

Postman's site has a comparison of email clients (also called MUAs, for mail user agents): http://hq.postman.i2p/?page_id=9

If you want to specifically use susimail (and not some other client) then i don't know, but it might be possible to make a standalone build of it (kinda like someone already does a standalone build of i2psnark, the torrent client). again i havent tried this so i don't know if it's actually possible.
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