I see `zzz` and `zzzi2p` is back to github? also `eyedeekay` work on i2p.

I2P router issues
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I see `zzz` and `zzzi2p` is back to github? also `eyedeekay` work on i2p.

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I've noticed `zzz` popping up on github, I'm not sure if it's him yet.
Keep an eye out for it, and please keep the forums up to date with any further news about him:


It's great that he's safe and okay, very uplifting. I wish him a happy and healthy life!

The i2p project is valuable, meaningful and great.
i2p has helped a lot of people whose freedom of speech has been violated,
and has allowed people in totalitarian countries to voice their opinions.

It is hoped that people who can afford it, and companies that can afford it, will give some financial support to the i2p program. (The i2p project should announce an anonymous way to receive money, such as bitcoin, for convenience. It is better to put it on the project website homepage and github homepage, etc. so that people can see it easily)

Need notice, people in many totalitarian countries can't use Bitcoin themselves (banks will block purchases of Bitcoin). So there needs to be more other anonymous ways to receive money.

I hope more and more people support the i2p program and fight against evil together.

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