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37C3 and I2P

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We as the I2P project were promised some vouchers to get into the 37c3 in Hamburg from 27th to 30th December 2023.
Curently we do not know how much tickets we will gain in which timefram, but we offer these tickets to our devs and other people who are benefits to I2P.

if you would like to gain a ticket and visit the 37c3, please get in contact with me on echelon@mail.i2p

The people of whom I2P does benefit will get a free ticket (paid by I2P), if tickets are leftover, we may forward them for the price to you.
Benefits are defined by work for I2P (code, support,.. easy to verify in Git, IRC, forum, website).

I will note later on in this place about how many tickets we were able to get and if any were leftovers. I will reply the emails with yes and if its free or not.

For I2P team member: we may pay you parts of travel/accomodation costs, please get in contact if you like to apply for this.

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