I2P 2.3.0 release with long delay?

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I2P 2.3.0 release with long delay?

Post by Dr.Doom »

I am unsure about the release of I2P 2.3.0 for Java.
This was supposed to be released on June 26. As far as I know, the release dates have mostly been met or you got a confirmation if it didn't work out.
That seems to have changed since the developer zzz is no longer on the I2P team.
I hope there is nothing serious behind the delay of I2P 2.3.0. ???

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Re: I2P 2.3.0 release with long delay?

Post by eyedeekay »

We had a last-minute report of a serious issue with the release which forced me to delay. I've been updating on #i2p and #i2p-dev periodically about the situation. It was at least a medium severity bug according to our VRP, and it was best that we fix it before the release instead of releasing something broken then fixing it in a point release. We used this week to implement fixes and test those fixes for weaknesses. It would have been bad for us to discuss this in too much detail publicly before we had a fix. I'm still getting the last few mirrors updated but the automatic update release will be finished today and we'll be in the launchpad buildqueue today.
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