i2pforum link on geti2p homepage is not https

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i2pforum link on geti2p homepage is not https

Post by bwdcal »

Hi i2p maintainer,

I open https://geti2p.net and find http://i2pforum.net/ on navbar it's not https.

please change it to use https, so more security for people who new to i2p.
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Re: i2pforum link on geti2p homepage is not https

Post by Titus »

What now, you opened a https url and it is not https, that's not possible, you either get a page delivered over https or an error message ;)

and in case of i2pforum, just access it using https://i2pforum.net/ and its fine. I guess there is a good reason why it doesn't force https, like many sites do today with some nginx hacks making lazy users think it is not if it dose not forward you without doing effort on there own (...), so either access the https url by yourself or use an addon like https-everywhere.[01]

I think it wastes a ton of power delivering public information pages using https for no good reason, you should maybe switch force switch to https oppon login, but there are good reasons to let the page be accessed using http for just browsing it...

Maybe my view on this is a bit old fashioned, but i had imported CA-Cert on all my systems back in the days[02], i even had an addon that notified me every time when a certificate changed so i checked it manually (i never trusted this centralized CA systems of oppression). Unfortunately i had to stop using it as delivery networks with much to many random changing certs came along, then Mozilla trashed XUL and everything went from bad to worse, but i could go on about this even more and stop for now ;)



01: https://www.eff.org/https-everywhere
02: good old pre Let's Encrypt days where you checked the self signed certs for your trusted servers via hand
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