What are the differences between I2P and I2P+ ???

A modified I2P java implementation
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What are the differences between I2P and I2P+ ???

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Hey Community,
what are the differences between I2P and I2P+ and what about the trustworthiness of I2P+ ?
And another question, can the use of I2P+ negatively affect the I2P network?

Thanks for the answers and your great work!
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Re: What are the differences between I2P and I2P+ ???

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Here is a short excerpt from the self-description:
What is I2P+?

I2P+ is an enhanced version of the Java I2P anonymizing network platform that aims to deliver a superior user experience and improved network performance while retaining full compatibility with upstream I2P.

An enhanced user interface with updated themes, easier to understand configuration and diagnostics, and an augmented feature set make I2P+ a compelling alternative to the official I2P release.

Additionally, I2P+ implements improvements to the router's network performance and, for routers that are firewalled, significantly increases participating traffic and network responsiveness. Performance of the resident BitTorrent client I2PSnark is also improved in some contexts.

Is I2P+ compatible with I2P?

The changes relate to user interaction and enhanced presentation of the console and webapps, in addition to network performance improvements, leaving the underyling crypto untouched, so it remains 100% compatible with I2P.
A more detailed description with links and screenshots has the homepage: http://skank.i2p/.
The source code is at: http://git.community.i2p/I2P.Plus/i2p.plus.

There is no warranty, neither for this nor for the original or other implementations. Basically you have to check the sources yourself. "diff -Naur" would be a start.
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