Slow speed on I2P compared to i2pd

I2P router issues
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Slow speed on I2P compared to i2pd

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I'm running the I2P router on a Debian server and I'm getting slow speeds and little data transfers compared to i2pd. I enabled floodfill, set the speed limits to match my connection parameters, increased RAM to 4GB and set router.maxParticipatingTunnels=10000. These are my stats:

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caps = XfR
netId = 2
netdb.knownLeaseSets = 188
netdb.knownRouters = 9591
router.version = 0.9.57
Why am I getting slower speeds? I only get around 400KBps, while on i2pd i used to reach 1500KBps and used to move a lot more GBs.
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