i2p traffic details in console

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i2p traffic details in console

Post by ruby »

just trying to understand the traffic information in the console.

It shows:

Used: 22.8 MB / 7.91 MB as grand total on top left.

Exploratory tunnels: Lifetime bandwidth usage: 64.5 KB in, 226 KB out
Client tunnels for shared clients (DSA) : Lifetime bandwidth usage: 151.6 KB in, 120.8 KB out
Client tunnels for I2PSnark: Lifetime bandwidth usage: 26.6 KB in, 55.3 KB out

So that would sum up to about: 240KBin, 390KBout

The grand total is much more...so whats using the difference?

Would be nice to have a complete traffic breakdown on totals by tunnel-types.
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Re: i2p traffic details in console

Post by darknut »

The total line showing 22.8 MB / 7.91 MB also includes traffic that your router has relayed on behalf of others. I2P calls that traffic participating tunnels. If your router is not firewalled, that participating tunnel traffic becomes pretty significant over time.

You can control that behavior my modifying the share % under configuration, bandwidth. 0% prevents any participating tunnels, and 100% will allow up to your maximum bandwidth to be shared (if unused by local connections on your router). I think the idea is that, by sharing, your own traffic is hidden to an outside observer by being part of a larger, more random flow.
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