Or is it just me?

I2P router issues
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Re: Or is it just me?

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lgillis wrote: 21 Mar 2022 09:39 @GandalfTheGrey,
> "Most sites are not available most of the time."
The answers will be as accurate as the questions.
Then let me try to explain in more detail. When I try to go to I2P websites I see listed somewhere, like those you listed above, most don't work. Those that do work, work sporadically, meaning they might load right now, and then be inaccessible when I try them again in a minute, or 5 minutes, or an hour. The two that I go to most frequently, this forum and PaTracker, might load 3/4 of the 10 or so times I try them throughout the day and be inaccessible the other times, or they might be inaccessible for a whole day, or anything in between. It's completely unpredictable, but a guess would be that overall they load roughly 1/3 of the time, and appear to be down the rest of the time. Nothing is ever accessible consistently for an entire day. This is how I2P has always worked for me.

In case it's relevant, my I2P is firewalled, and I can't do anything about that.

So, with that extra detail in mind, the question is: Does anyone have any useful suggestions of things I can tweak to get more sites available more of the time?

I posted in this thread rather than starting a new one because, if I understand the OP correctly, it's the same problem he's having.
> "This site (i2pforum) is available sporadically, and just might disappear before I finish typing this post."

The I2PForum logs out logged in users too fast, this is a known problem, that administrators have not yet been able to solve.
I've noticed that, but it's not relevant to the problem at hand.
As a default setting, three hops per tunnel were set by the project management for each application, except for the exploratory tunnels which use two hops.
Thank you for the explanation of the hops, it's actually very helpful to know a little more about how that works. But it also doesn't address the current question.
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Re: Or is it just me?

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> "When I try to go to I2P websites I see listed somewhere, like those you listed above, most don't work."

The Java router contains an address book which cumulatively collects the addresses of all websites since the beginning of I2P, depending on which address books you subscribe to. If you click on an address there, the probability to have drawn a blank is very high. This is another reason to always give concrete examples that are traceable for third parties if a remote diagnosis is desired. If you now say that the sites I listed above are not accessible for you, then it is clear that the problem is on your side.

As for the firewall, I would start there and check if everything works without firewall and only then switch on the firewall. As far as I remember, the Java router has an extra switch for routers behind a firewall.

Previously, problems with connections related to BitTorrent (I2PSnark) were also addressed. The local tracker is very stable and well integrated due to the many connections. I would use three tunnels each for incoming and outgoing for my clients on a trial basis and set the tunnel length to one hop.

I am sorry that I could not be of any help and wish you much success!
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