i2p & searches return from clearnet

I2P router issues
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i2p & searches return from clearnet

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i'm using FF v89 on linuxmint running i2p v0.9.50. FF profile is i2p.

these are the network settings in FF:
HTTP Proxy: port: 4444
HTTPS Proxy: port: 4445

No Proxy for:

duckduckgo is set as search engine.
when i put in a search request to duckduckgo, say "opennic.org" it goes out to clearnet for returned results.

i had thought going out to clearnet while running i2p/FF wouldn't happen unless i used something like foxyproxy and explicitly set it to allow.

do i have my proxies configured incorrectly?
what search engine to use to (only) search i2p landscape?
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Re: i2p & searches return from clearnet

Post by echelon »


there is a outproxy running and fetching the clearnet content for you while using the I2P proxy port 4444/4445.

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