MuCats - a site for MuWire hashes

The MuWire file sharing application
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MuCats - a site for MuWire hashes

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I've started work on a new project called MuCats. You can reach it at the following address:


It is similar to a torrent site, except it's for MuWire hashes. You can find the source code at http://git.idk.i2p/zlatinb/mucats

What's different about this site is that you do not create an account; if you have MuWire you already have an account automatically. To log in, you need to have a recent version of the MuWire desktop client or plugin.

Please exercise good judgement with what you publish on the site. I reserve the right to delete any publication or comment, or to lock anyone's account at my discretion.

blog: http://zab.i2p
mail: zab@mail.i2p
MuCats: http://mucats.i2p
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