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distributed filesystem with a I2P plugin
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A question

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Here I found that the official Tahoe-lafs client is unable to connect to some of the storage servers that are wrongly(maybe) configured. But the I2P-port client can do this.
Here's an example.

Reconnecting in 12 seconds (last attempt 50s ago)
j24m2hab4exmz4eof5jws7sjn6vklpc3kymtvzg5etrgpsoifjvq.b32.i2p: bad hint: no colon
N/A N/A allmydata-tahoe/1.10.0 N/A" ------------official

v0-lbgjqjfbex2e7hiexvv645zb55swfvddjglmxfbej5nbouuyvrla storage 17:37:08 23-Jun-2018 17:36:31 23-Jun-2018 allmydata-tahoe/1.10.0" ----------I2P-port

Reconnecting in 98 seconds (last attempt 21s ago) bad hint: no handler registered
N/A N/A allmydata-tahoe/1.10.0 N/A" ---------official

v0-qee2uah64kqyrjhkwhjiak25eamg3osdyqrc4h3wek2zssuldzka storage 17:36:41 23-Jun-2018 17:36:31 23-Jun-2018 allmydata-tahoe/1.10.0" ----------I2P-port

One way is to change the "tub.location" option like the guide on echelon.i2p said.

But is there another way for the official client to connect to such servers? I have installed txi2p as the official tahoe-lafs told me to do so.
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