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Official I2P Browser

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Hi Everyone,

This week the official I2P Browser Beta 5 and Beta 6 were released!

Beta 5 (September 12, 2019)

-New browser icon/graphic
-Disable enterprise policies for the browser
-Bundle id is now unique on Mac OS X
-Improvements of default preferences
-about:i2p text updates
-Onboarding improvements
-Improvements for NoScript integration
-Improvements for cookie control
-Default ports changed to not crash with already installed routers
-The browser now ships with the router on Linux
-The browser now ships with the router on Windows
-The browser now ships with the router on Mac OS X

Beta 6 ( September 15, 2019)

-Bug fixes for browser/router integration
-Use better ports for router configuration

Past release notes can be found here:

We need feedback, so please join the I2P Browser mailing list, or submit a ticket to trac! A list of resources for people who would like to get involved can be found here:

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