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A new I2P version was released, here now the release notes:
0.9.35 adds support for folders in SusiMail, and a new SSL Wizard for setting up HTTPS on your Hidden Service website. We also have the usual collection of bug fixes, especially in SusiMail.

We're hard at work on several things for 0.9.36, including a new OSX installer and a faster, more secure transport protocol called NTCP2.

I2P will be at HOPE in New York City, July 20-22. Find us and say hello!

As usual, we recommend that you update to this release. The best way to maintain security and help the network is to run the latest release.



New Hidden Service SSL Wizard
SusiMail support for Folders, Drafts, background sending
Jetty 9.2.24, Tomcat 8.5.30
Bug Fixes

Console: Fix changes to wrong tunnel on /configtunnels
CPUID: Fix TBM detection
i2psnark: Fix torrents ignoring priority settings when autostart enabled
i2ptunnel: Retry accept after server socket closed
NTCP: Fix bug causing initial latency for outbound connections
SusiMail: Include attachments in forwarded mail
SusiMail: Many other fixes
Tunnels: Prevent zero-hop even when no active peers

Add support for notes in Addressbook
Rewrite and new translations for eepsite help page (new installs only)
DNSoverHTTPS (disabled by default)
Prep for HTTPS console and eepsite
Prep for splitting up Debian package
NTCP refactoring in prep for NTCP2
Move SusiMail logging to router logs
SusiMail BCC-to-self feature replaced with Sent folder
Fix eepget handling of response line with no status text
i2psnark UI cleanups
New Azerbaijani translation
Translation updates
Update GeoIP data (new installs and PPA only)
Full list of fixed bugs

SHA256 Checksums:

32c4f3feb733a45fa4ff0aaa331c8c3fc2efe9076ab83b82a86e8ab46333ae00 i2pinstall_0.9.35_windows.exe
a256e9d36a52c314b9e8d0e659d4d1b982cc9d9af8459231eda5842e4116d298 i2pinstall_0.9.35.jar
8bb88d3db355ebfa5be65d48089db60919875ac298b7217b7f8150048ea5079e i2psource_0.9.35.tar.bz2
881860d875a032788e75ed9714b1f75a40d0cc4ecca1446f1a7c6f7f54b4629c i2pupdate_0.9.35.zip
a701a94bab56a030dfe23e0353c046d869d4cfdedee921fd11e51976ba45e75b i2pupdate.su3
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Re: 0.9.35

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As of now, available for in-net updates and new installs from our website.
Also available in our Launchpad PPA and our Debian repo.

Android, Maven, our F-Droid, official F-Droid, official Debian sid, and official Ubuntu Bionic to follow in the coming days.
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