0.9.49 Release - New, *Much Faster* ECIES-X25519 Encryption for Routers, WebSeeds in I2PSnark and More

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0.9.49 Release - New, *Much Faster* ECIES-X25519 Encryption for Routers, WebSeeds in I2PSnark and More

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From zzz's blog post:

0.9.49 continues the work to make I2P faster and more secure. We have several improvements and fixes for the SSU (UDP) transport that should result in faster speeds. This release also starts the migration to new, faster ECIES-X25519 encryption for routers. (Destinations have been using this encryption for a few releases now) We've been working on the specifications and protocols for new encryption for several years, and we are getting close to the end of it! The migration will take several releases to complete.

For this release, to minimize disruption, only new installs and a very small percentage of existing installs (randomly selected at restart) will be using the new encryption. If your router does "rekey" to use the new encryption, it may have lower traffic or less reliability than usual for several days after you restart. This is normal, because your router has generated a new identity. Your performance should recover after a while.

We have "rekeyed" the network twice before, when changing the default signature type, but this is the first time we've changed the default encryption type. Hopefully it will all go smoothly, but we're starting slowly to be sure.

As usual, we recommend that you update to this release. The best way to maintain security and help the network is to run the latest release.



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Build: Git migration
Build: Move web resources to wars
i2psnark WebSeed support
i2psnark padding file support
i2ptunnel: Move proxy resources to jar
Router: Redesign ECIES encryption for floodfills (proposal 156)
Router: Verify RI stores after startup
Router: Reduce Sybil threshold
Router: ECIES for new routers
Router: Start of ECIES migration
SSU: Send individual fragments of messages
SSU: Westwood+ congestion control
SSU: Fast retransmit
Bug Fixes

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Build: Fix Gradle build
Crypto: Increase ratchet tag window to prevent message loss
I2CP: Fix encrypted leaseset combined with ECIES crypto or offline keys
i2ptunnel: Fix config file saving issues
Router: Fix leaseset request fails causing watchdog to bark
Router: Hidden mode fixes
SSU: Fix partial acks not being sent
SSU: Fix occasional high CPU usage

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Crypto: AES performance improvements
DoH: Change to RFC 8484 style
i2ptunnel: Remove DSA shared clients
Proxy: Add jump servers
Router: Add more countries for hidden mode
Router: Tunnel peer selection changes
Router: Move Sybil subsystem from console to router for embedded use
Router: Verify RI stores for a while after startup
Util: New unit tests
Translation updates
Full list of fixed bugs - http://trac.i2p2.de/query?resolution=fi ... one=0.9.49

SHA256 Checksums:

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af4f022f3532b46dd341717fd08447007ca5217b6c88664be693cac7f71912ea i2pinstall_0.9.49_windows.exe 1614da8703b43e5bdc55007c784f2c211d00650ae0308273605d2ddc321b807e i2pinstall_0.9.49.jar 5164ffb6eab228b4082d203c691906faa9ff32f09f41c3cebe6d941e03b0b9f2 i2psource_0.9.49.tar.bz2 af685caf28c842be6589471ebe32fc6bd85ad3fc609f1f5e0fbcae69b5d2575f i2pupdate_0.9.49.zip f41a6b47d2ea6e1b0d87427a57bd99a3d7f971d57de39b425dbf5017fae156dc i2pupdate.su3
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