I2P 1.6.1 Released

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I2P 1.6.1 Released

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CC'ed from zzz's release notes(OP above)

Note: 1.6.1 is the current release. 1.6.0 was tagged but not released.

This release completes the rollout of two major protocol updates developed in 2021. The transition to X25519 encryption for routers is accelerated, and we expect almost all routers to be rekeyed by the end of the year. Short tunnel build messages are enabled for a significant bandwidth reduction.

We added a theme selection panel to the new install wizard. We've improved SSU performance and fixed an issue with SSU peer test messages. The tunnel build Bloom filter was adjusted to reduce memory usage. We have enhanced support for non-Java plugins.

In other news, we are making excellent progress on the design of our new UDP transport SSU2 and expect to start implementation early next year.

As usual, we recommend that you update to this release. The best way to maintain security and help the network is to run the latest release.


### Changes

Console: Add theme selection to new-install wizard
Jetty 9.3.30.v20211001
Router: Increase probability of rekey to X25519
SSU: Performance improvements
SSU: Improve security of peer test
Tomcat 9.0.54
Tunnels: Enable sending new short build messages

### Bug Fixes

i2ptunnel: Fix encryption type selection logic

### Other

Improve support for non-Java plugins
Router: Reduce tunnel build Bloom filter memory usage
Updates: More changes to support bundled updaters
Translation updates

### Full list of fixed bugs

### SHA256 Checksums:

Code: Select all

    c5d5757d0cc1f4ce0cf2a663c35ca173d0cfe4ef0f38ac50b1be116787b03c87  i2pinstall_1.6.1_windows.exe
    2ae90f28d51b84796079430bde53589e1c2117125d5fb7bb5c036c4e1ad1eb80  i2pinstall_1.6.1.jar
    719606c4cb510de4fe74f24bbfa53911a70531821fc1ee79a29e3d96eaa16733  i2psource_1.6.1.tar.bz2
    90ac2eb6a0207a7614568129e4f8927b9e3765a533033600b9a1f5a53779134d  i2pupdate_1.6.1.zip
    5fe7982cc1499872864a022507d0850627448d62ef65e0a7b5c172144a04368d  i2pupdate.su3
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