I2P Updates, May 5th 2020

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I2P Updates, May 5th 2020

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Hi Everyone,

mtn --> Gitlab

I2pgit.org is up and has moved to a new server with better connections!

Base32 Address: [7qeve4v2chmjdqlwpa3vl7aojf3nodbku7vepnjwrsxljzqipz6a.b32.i2p]
Onion Address: [47ggr2fa3vnwfyhvgskzdmr3i32eijwymxohtxsls45dulmriwxszjad.onion]

Also accessible here https://i2pgit.org and http://git.idk.i2p

This is part of the ongoing move from mtn to gitlab. A big thank you to IDK for the work involved to make this happen.

Arabic Translations

Thanks to the community for reaching out about issues with translations not being formatted properly. zzz has made some fixes.
Any people who can help with translations for I2P or other projects, please help Transifex - they do great work!
With that in mind, the next release is scheduled for May 25th, so tag freeze will be May 13th.

Thanks to everyone who takes the time to review and submit tickets to help improve I2P.

Development Updates: Tickets Closed

#2715 Streaming: single retransmit timer per connection

#2725 I2PSnark: Torrents marked .BAD if tunnels not fully open and restart occurs

#2449 Add option to clear screen logs on /logs

#2719 Streaming: TCP-Westwood+

As always, please test the latest and report any issues or feedback. Lots of work on speed improvements, crypto, and improvements to the I2P Tunnel UX will be in the next release.

Important dates for 0.9.46 :

Tag freeze: May 13, 5 PM UTC
Checkin deadline: May 22, 5 PM UTC
Review deadline: May 24
Release: Week of May 25
Android/F-Droid/Maven: Week of May 25

Usability Lab

Ura Creative are finalizing the documentation for an updated style guide, as well as the results of the brand and identity survey. I have worked on the review for IA workshops with Simply Secure, as well as on other initiatives to support toolkits and guides.

New info graphics for the introduction to I2P have been created, and infographics for developers are being created as part of the ongoing work to update and improve guides and onboarding for new users and developers.
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