I2P Updates, March 27 2020

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I2P Updates, March 27 2020

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Hi Everyone,

There were issues with trac being unreachable for a few days this week. As of Friday these have been resolved.

I2P in Private Browsing Mode

It would be great to have more review and feedback for I2P in Private Browsing Mode.
https://eyedeekay.github.io/I2P-in-Priv ... e-Firefox/

The Git Situation

There are several new blog posts regarding the new git set up and workflows , which can be found on the I2P site https://geti2p.net/en/blog/

Latest blog entry: Using a git bundle to fetch the I2P source code - I2P Project Blog https://geti2p.net/en/blog/post/2020/03 ... er-torrent
Please help seed the bundles! https://github.com/eyedeekay/git-over-i ... ag/bundles

Reddit Discussions - Games and Minecraft Servers!

What started as a question on Reddit about interest in an I2P Minecraft server has resulted in lots of conversations about hops and tunnels, and also other experimental games being added for people to try out.

If anyone wants to try some games or set up a game server, join the conversation over on r/i2p!
Links of interest:

Would anyone be interested in an I2P Minecraft server? https://www.reddit.com/r/i2p/comments/f ... minecraft/

quest.idk.i2p - A PhaserQuest(BrowserQuest clone) Browser-Based MMORPG Instance Running on I2P
https://www.reddit.com/r/i2p/comments/f ... est_clone/

cobalt.idk.i2p - Cobalt Calibur is a sort of multiplayer minecraft/roguelite. Seems to work reasonably well over I2P so far.
https://www.reddit.com/r/i2p/comments/f ... a_sort_of/

I2P Heuristics Review

We have received an initial IA review from SimSec for the I2P download, installation, setup wizard, I2P site connection and out proxy instructions. Below are some highlights from the review and insights into the next stages and roadmap for upcoming releases.

Download & Installation
-Should change to a wizard for OS selection similar to Tails.
- change language that assumes dev knowledge
- directing people to external websites increases distrust / workflow is disrupted when having to install Java
- for browser configuration, create sections for each OS/ browser and add descriptions where appropriate to clarify what the recommended set up is.
- using “terms of service” in the Outproxy notes may make some think they are doing something illegal… also what is outproxying?
- installer logos are mismatched in some cases.
- have an intervention page for Java installation before displaying all install options ( Mac launcher)

Set up wizard

- change UI elements for progression
- make consent more clear for bandwidth test option
- make it clear how much bandwidth is being recommended
- clarify all CTA elements
- improve spacing

Console Workflow

- clarification over things like “shared clients”
- different sections in the sidebar are hard to parse
- what are menu items, which are shortcuts, which are active UI elements ( sidebar)
- some graphs have unreadable names
- since recommend sites do not all share same visual language , they should be highlighted differently ie “community i2p sites”
- Applications are not introduced in onboarding process , feels unexpected
- better description of clock skew , when it is a problem and how to fix it.
- reconsider what info users need before they install the console ( FAQ) and rearrange as necessary
- adjust UI elements for system messages ie contrast , size, colour ( sidebar)

This Wednesday we will participate in a workshop to further dig into improvements and recommendations. This will include journey mapping, information architecture , and UX flows for actions and decisions.
Clarity and consistency, tonal language and trust and the console design elements to make it easier to understand actions, configurations and state indicators also …and lots of sticky notes!

This is a much needed review and I am so happy to have support from the OTF and the awesome folks at Ura and SimSec.

- sadie
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Re: I2P Updates, March 27 2020

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What is "CTA"?
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Re: I2P Updates, March 27 2020

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