I2P Update, March 13,2020

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I2P Update, March 13,2020

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Hi Everyone,


It was brought to our attention by the internet freedom community that Roskomnadzor, Russia’s Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media, is reaching out to contractors to research how to block internet censorship resistant technologies like I2P, meshnets, Tor, Zernet, and the Telegram Open Network. in 2017, Roskomnadzor tried to restrict access to to Telegram's messaging app. The article has appeared in Coindesk https://www.coindesk.com/russia-seeks-t ... blockchain


Maven, Google Play, f-droid have been updated!

There are several outstanding tickets in trac which need to still be solved ahead of the next release, as well as considerations to UX and other wishlist items for Android. We would like to hear any of your wishlist items and suggestions, so please get in touch on forum or trac. I2P Android needs your support!

Monotone - Git Migration

For anyone who was not able to attend the community meeting a few weeks ago, the big news was the migration to git that will happen in the following months.
In preparation for this, IDK wrote an in-depth blog post to prepare for the change, with suggested workflow as well. You can read it here https://geti2p.net/en/blog/post/2020/03/06/git-over-i2p

Brand and Identity Workshop

This past week we began I2P brand and identity exploration with Ura, through the OTF Usability Lab.
We discussed the "why" rather than the "how" of I2P, which if frequently an issue for anyone when trying to describe or talk about a technology.
Things like longterm vision for the technology, how ideology is expressed through code, and a clear path that is not buried in technology were discussed - and there is still homework to do! This work and synthesis will continue through the month, and next week we will be moving on to tackle the information architecture of the website and then the router console. It would be great to hear from the community about why you use and support I2P during this process.

Last, it has been a very difficult time for us globally with the escalation of the COVID-19 outbreak. I2P will not be attending any conferences in the upcoming months, but will be participating in some exciting online workshops and conferences! Stay tuned.

Thank you to everyone who has been updating the wiki, submitting tickets, attending meetings, helping the I2P community stay secure and safe and encouraging conversations about Bote and Android!

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