I2P Weekly Update, October 5th, 2018

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I2P Weekly Update, October 5th, 2018

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I2P Brand Exploration Survey

The cut off for our I2P Brand exploration survey will be October 11th.
If you have not filled it out, please consider doing so.
(https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIp ... g/viewform)
This data will help us with our console overhaul and the user onboarding decisions we are planning for our next release. This will be a massive overhaul for us. Thanks again to Alex for putting this together!

0.9.37 Released!

0.9.37 enables the faster, more secure transport protocol called NTCP2.
https://geti2p.net/en/blog/post/2018/10 ... 37-Release … Thanks to everyone who participated in the NTCP2 meetings!


We had our weekly LS2 meeting, the next meeting will be at
6 PM UTC Tuesday October 9, IRC #ls2


Sadly I2P-Bote has been a little neglected, and the trac tickets are piling up. If anyone has the time to help get Bote back on its feet, please check out the tickets on trac, or Github https://github.com/i2p/i2p.i2p-bote


Our next release looks to improve and overhaul the router console UX. We have a long awaited set up wizard in the works, user onboarding, and a complete overhaul of the console planned. During the next few weeks we will decide what we can accomplish for the next release. The target will be mid - late January.

Legwork.I2P Search Engine

It only indexes eepsites -- no .onions, no clearnet sites. So far it is getting great feedback!

* YaCy-based 
* Only accessible via I2P - so you keep being anonymous and this site cannot get any private information 
* The index is updated at least once a day (still tweaking the schedule) 
* Respects robots.txt 
* Support multiple languages

To enable search box in console, add advanced config:

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Re: I2P Weekly Update, October 5th, 2018

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Just want to mention that even though the survey is hosted on Google Docs, your Google ID cannot be correlated to your I2P persona.

If you are exceptionally paranoid and will under no circumstances use Google Docs, feel free to DM the responses to me or Sadie on this forum.

GPG: https://keybase.io/zlatinb
blog: http://zab.i2p
mail: zab@mail.i2p
MuWire: https://muwire.com
MuCats: http://mucats.i2p
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