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installing from git

Posted: 31 Jan 2021 19:23
by i2pman5
I see there are non su3 plugins you can install for i2p from github How do you do this from .git?. Is this where you install an application and use a shared cleint tunnel for the service or it actually plugs in the router conso le? im trying to find bote also since the mail client's susimail isn't that good. how can I replace this\, I find no good intrsuctions anywhere. PLease supply links.

Re: installing from git

Posted: 05 Feb 2021 16:23
by Unebril
Dont't use i2p bote because the maintainer has left.
There is nobody doing updates to this software.

Re: installing from git

Posted: 05 Feb 2021 18:03
by echelon

mhatta works on bote and made a new su3 to install.

you can create files from git, but you need to sign them and add the signing key to your running I2P to accept the signed plugin.