Howto run a OutProxy in I2P

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Howto run a OutProxy in I2P

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A small guide for server Ops who wants to run a I2P outproxy:

1. do setup, config, and run a proxy you want to run. E.g. Squid
2. do setup and run I2P (or any other flavor of it)
3. setup a http server tunnel on the hidden service manager page - you can use the tunnel wizzard or create manually a server tunnel
3.a. target IP/port is the Proxy you did setup on point 1
3.b. Length - set a min of 1, do not use 0 hops. 3 Hops is better for anonymity of the I2P router, but slower
3.c. Amount - if you want to be a high traffic proxy, set this to 6 or more (both in/out)
3.d. do not encrypt leaseset except it should be a private service
3.e. do set the limits wisely - to be adjusted in action, but something like 40/1000/10000 per client or around
4. start that hidden service and you get a base 32 link on
5. the b64 address is on the tunnel config page in field local target
6. hand out the b32/b64 address to the users

Thats all.
If you want to run the Proxy on a long timeframe, go to inr.i2p and stats.i2p/i2p addressbook service and enter your b64 address and a name for the outproxy for user to reach it easy.
If you want your outproxy setup in I2P router package by default, get in contact with the devs and ask them.

Note for all:
- I2P was not built to run outproxy larger scale - a proposal is still open to better support Outrpoxy for users
- also it takes some time to get a new outproxy to the users
- you may also multihome a proxy on several servers

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Re: Howto run a OutProxy in I2P

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To make run an OutProxy in I2P more easier(maybe also safer), put "HTTPTunnelPort" in your torrc (Tor browser also has the torrc file), then use this tor's http proxy as the target IP/port.
How to find out your torrc
More about the "HTTPTunnelPort" option
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Re: Howto run a OutProxy in I2P

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Hopefully this would help someone!

(I2P Link): http://0xcc.i2p/howto-setup-an-i2p-outproxy/
(Internet Link):
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