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DEFCON 27 Vegas Aug. 8-11

Posted: 04 Jun 2019 18:13
by zzz
idk and I will be there in the Crypto/Privacy Village
We hope to have a table and there's a possibility idk will be giving a workshop.
Hope to see you there!

Re: DEFCON 27 Vegas Aug. 8-11

Posted: 20 Jun 2019 15:18
by zzz

We've also been accepted for a table and workshop at Monero Village .
The workshop will be on "I2P for Cryptocurrency Devs".

Day and time TBD but probably Saturday or Sunday.

Re: DEFCON 27 Vegas Aug. 8-11

Posted: 19 Jul 2019 21:02
by zzz
I2P for Cryptocurrency Developers
Monero Village - Bally's 26th Floor
Fri. Aug. 9, 3:15 PM, Table 1

This workshop will assist developers in designing applications to communicate over I2P for anonymity and security.
We will discuss common requirements for cryptocurrency applications,
and review each application's architecture and specific needs.
Then, we will cover tunnel communications, router and library selection, and packaging choices,
and answer all questions related to integrating I2P.
The goal is to create secure, scalable, extensible, and efficient designs
that meets the needs of each particular project.

Meet I2P! Informal Discussions
Monero Village - Bally's 26th Floor
Fri. Aug. 9, 4:30 - 7 PM, Table 1

I2P for Application Developers
Crypto/Privacy Village - Planet Hollywood, Celebrity 1
Day and time TBD

This workshop provides an introduction to the ways an application can be made to work
with I2P. Developers should learn that the use of anonymous P2P in their applications
need not be that different than what they are already doing in non-anonymos applications.
It begins with an introduction to the I2P plugins system, showing how the
existing plugins set themselves up to do communcation over I2P and what's good and bad
about each approach. Afterwards, we'll continue on to programatically controlling I2P via
its SAM and I2PControl APIs. Finally, we'll take a dive into the SAMv3 API by starting a
new library utilizing it in Lua and writing a simple application.

Re: DEFCON 27 Vegas Aug. 8-11

Posted: 27 Jul 2019 18:31
by eyedeekay
Just so everyone is aware, my workshop, which is all about I2P Application development using our modern API's, is going to be on August 10th at 2PM Vegas Time in the Crypto/Privacy Village. I'll be covering several cases of adapting existing applications to I2P and writing new applications for I2P, with the overall message that programming I2P applications doesn't have to be that different than programming other applications. See you there :D