PHPbb/I2PBote Compatibility

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PHPbb/I2PBote Compatibility

Post by DogeDollars »

This isn't a huge issue, just a little thing I noticed. :)

PHPbb doesn't allow emails that are very long, (like I2PBote emails) emails that are not structured like a 'normal' email, (eg. and I2Pforum doesn't send emails over I2PBote.

-Enable the SMTP port in I2PBote (after installing it) and have PHPbb send emails to
-Write an extension that changes what counts as a valid email during registration. (As far as I know, this can't be done in normal settings. It must be done with an extension)
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Re: PHPbb/I2PBote Compatibility

Post by echelon »


yes, phpBB does only allow regulary email addresses following the RFC. Will need deeper changes to allow other formats.

I2PBote is a good idea, also needs deeper changes to the underlying system. Worth a try, but won´t happen soon.

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