Snark choking itself

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Snark choking itself

Post by Xeyed1 »

I am having troubles with Snark limiting itself. Often when starting i2prouter and then starting Snark there will be a notice in the log pane at the top of Snark with a line "Up bandwidth limit is 25 KBps." I used to be able to restart with all other applications that use the network shutoff and no other machines on the network. It seemed to help. I would eventually be able to get Snark to run and upload at speeds up to 100kbps.

Lately I have not been able to get it to do that. No matter what I do I cannot get decent upload speeds. What can I do to get Snark to quit limiting itself?

i2psnark.config is set to have:

i2psnark.i2cpOptions=inbound.length=3 inbound.quantity=4 outbound.length=3 outbound.quantity=4

Even though I have it set to 4 tunnels in i2psnark.config it will often start with 2 or 1 tunnel. It will also reset itself. If I have forced it to use more tunnels and I go back to check after a few hours I will often find that it is back to using 2 tunnels or sometimes 1 tunnel. Often I will increase the inbound and outbound tunnel quantities to 8 (sometimes as high as 16) which used to help get the bandwidth up. My reasoning is that if I have extra tunnels open I can lessen the effects of tunnels being built with slow relay hosts. Lately this does not seem to have any effect.

I have the following settings at

500KBps In
300KBps Out
100% share

Dropping the setting for Out to 100KBps or setting share to 40% does not seem to help. I double checked and the router for my broadband connection has the external and internal ports forwarded for the i2prouter machine.

After a restart and running just the router without Snark for 45 minutes the router connection gives the following values:

Active: 1581 / 3844
Fast: 15
High capacity: 150
Integrated: 1862
Known: 5280
Failing: 0
Banned: 26
Job lag: 0
Message delay: 533 ms
Backlog: 0

3 sec: 94.08 / 94.48 KBps
5 min: 123.4 / 122.7 KBps
Total: 71.66 / 69.87 KBps
Used: 178.8 MB / 174.3 MB

Exploratory: 8
Client: 2
Participating: 656
Share ratio: 26.24

Job lag: 0
Message delay: 254 ms
Backlog: 0

I am not sure if it is related to the last release (0.9.36-0-2ubuntu1) or not. Up until last week I used to be able to get sustained bandwidth usage of over 200kBps In and Out. I would like to be able to use more of my available bandwidth with Snark. Any suggestions?
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Re: Snark choking itself

Post by zzz »

Ensure that the 'up bandwidth limit' in i2psnark config is high enough.
You can send to more peers at once by increasing the 'total uploader limit'
Snark automatically sets the number of tunnels, up to the configured limit. If it doesn't need the configured amount, it will build less.
Ultimately, snark is our network load tester. There's a lot of limitations in our i2p router implementations at the various layers, and of course you can only go as fast as your peers in the network, and the far end of your connection, will allow. Things could always be faster. The streaming layer continues to be a focus of ours for improvements. We never stop thinking about how to make i2p faster.
Thanks for your testing and report.
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