Where did the trackers go?

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Re: Where did the trackers go?

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I am the one that has been pushing for the removal of any links to trackers from snark. The reason is that linking to trackers is implicitly promoting them, and there is a lot of copyrighted material on these trackers.

I believe it is in the best interests of the project to not be seen as facilitating copyright infringement. I2P has many good uses that go beyond file-sharing, and while this makes it inconvenient for some users it ensures that the project cannot be accused of being a conveyor of piracy.
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Re: Where did the trackers go?

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Okay, I apologize. I must have been confused about this.

Can someone verify that the tracker links at the top of I2PSnark's page were removed, but no changes have been made to the listed trackers on I2PSnark's configuration page?
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