Do not download sequentially

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Do not download sequentially

Post by i2pdude »

Currently seeding a torrent that all leechers download sequentially. This results in the same pieces handed out multiple times and slows down all leechers by a factor of three, comparing the progress they make to what is actually sent in total.

Only use sequential download, if needed for viewing start of a movie or such.
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Re: Do not download sequentially

Post by lgillis »

Turn on Superseed and your problem is solved.
Actually, this is an explicit built-in bug, because if the seed puts out a piece and the first receiver (leech) passes that on to the next and so on, then they all have the same pieces and the same download progress. So the order does not matter. But as the participants do not distribute among themselves, but each begs directly to the seed and the seed gives in to the requests, it comes to the repeated delivery of one and the same piece. Superseed mode is intended to prevent exactly that, each piece is output only once.
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