Generating Address Helpers

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Generating Address Helpers

Post by aegypius »

Excuse me if I'm skipped over where it was mentioned in the documentation, but can someone please tell this new I2P user how address helpers are created?
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Re: Generating Address Helpers

Post by echelon »


currently no fixed idea forsure, but in general it would:
look at the addresshelper format on stats.i2p and remove the b64 and hostname, replace it with the data you want to distribute.

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Re: Generating Address Helpers

Post by zzz »

See jump server section in
It doesn't quite say it there, but the parameter is simply the Base 64 of the destination.
For any host in your addressbook, the helper link is in your addressbook too
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Re: Generating Address Helpers

Post by mark22k »

It's pretty easy (more technical details as described above can be found on The prerequisite is that you have a page name, i.e. something.i2p, and the base64 address.
Next you can link the two components like this:

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http://[site name]/?i2paddresshelper=[base 64]
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