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by ruby
12 Oct 2020 15:36
Forum: Router
Topic: i2p traffic details in console
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i2p traffic details in console

just trying to understand the traffic information in the console. It shows: Used: 22.8 MB / 7.91 MB as grand total on top left. Exploratory tunnels: Lifetime bandwidth usage: 64.5 KB in, 226 KB out Client tunnels for shared clients (DSA) : Lifetime bandwidth usage: 151.6 KB in, 120.8 KB out Client t...
by ruby
12 Oct 2020 15:14
Forum: Susimail
Topic: logs in any username/pw
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logs in any username/pw

just checked out susimails login.

whatever i type as user/pw, it always accepts and i am in an of corse empty mail account. rather not functional.

hmm it doesnt really verify and give you an error message.