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by juliank
04 Aug 2020 14:09
Forum: Susimail
Topic: Logging into Susimail from another router?
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Re: Logging into Susimail from another router?

Hi Bob, I doubt that you'll get this response two years later but if you do, and for anyone else, I agree that it's not immediately clear what is actually going on. To remedy this, I'm proposing a UI improvement, basically better positioned and mildly animated pane to help make Susimail more intuiti...
by juliank
04 Aug 2020 13:54
Forum: Susimail
Topic: Fetching/sending emails in progress
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Fetching/sending emails in progress

While Susimail is fetching/sending data from the server there is a little dialog that floats inconspicuously in the bottom left of the screen, and is occasionally missed by the user . http://i2pforum.i2p/download/file.php?mode=view&id=74&sid=0cdb94ba25e349c9c6bdd4007d80310a It is worth notin...
by juliank
28 Jul 2020 03:00
Forum: Susimail
Topic: Fix "Jump to" "Move to" interface confusion.
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Fix "Jump to" "Move to" interface confusion.

Hi I'm new here, but may have been using I2P for some time. I'm passionate about I2P and the opportunities it can provide to people. Recently I found a confusing user interface issue in Susimail whereby and I'll quote myself here, "we have two different functions that look the same and appear i...