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by flywheel
08 Jul 2020 03:22
Forum: Tahoe-LAFS
Topic: Request for more users...
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Re: Request for more users...

Hi Quark, I have been running tahoe-lafs [i2p] for a very long time. I tried to upgrade it via pip but I am having a problem with pycryptopp 0.7.1. I was upgrading it in hopes of better connectivity and speed (I have a wide network pipe and give quite a bit to the i2p community). Using cached pycry...
by flywheel
22 Jun 2020 04:05
Forum: Tahoe-LAFS
Topic: Tahoe-LAFS on a Raspberry?
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Tahoe-LAFS on a Raspberry?

Has anyone recently tried to install the Tahoe-LAFS[i2p] setup to a Raspberry pi (pi 4)? I have been trying to install via this guide : I keep running into python version problems, it requires python 2.x, but some of the components require...
by flywheel
22 Jun 2020 03:50
Forum: I2P-Bote
Topic: I2P bote new build from mhatta working
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Re: I2P bote new build from mhatta working

Just to chime in, anyway for this plugin to work i've installed and will not open Error 404: /i2pbote/index.jsp not found. This might be helpful, I had to do this, (summary) Inside your " ~/.i2p/plugins/i2pbote/console/webapps/i2pbote.war " file, under WEB-INF/libs there are 3 java (tomca...