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by zzz
07 Jan 2024 14:08
Forum: i2pd
Topic: Some destinations not connecting via SAM
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Re: Some destinations not connecting via SAM

This is great detective work, thank you.

I'll add a recommendation to our bittorrent doc for clients to use 4,0. I also verified that both i2psnark and BiglyBT set 4,0.
by zzz
02 Apr 2023 14:33
Forum: Router
Topic: thanks zzz and some words 感谢zzz对i2p的贡献和一些想说的话
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Re: 感谢zzz对i2p的贡献和一些想说的话 thanks zzz and some words

-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA512 After 18 years on I2P I am taking an extended break for personal reasons. Please support eyedeekay in his new role as release manager. zzz 2023-04-02 -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- iQIzBAEBCgAdFiEEmWrax+iVHBulGdVphfNF3VloMAYFAmQpdNIACgkQhfNF3Vlo MAYjUh...
by zzz
15 Feb 2022 15:18
Forum: Proposals
Topic: [Prop 160] UDP Trackers
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[Prop 160] UDP Trackers

Proposal 160:


Please comment at http://zzz.i2p/topics/1634

There will probably not be a formal review meeting.
by zzz
27 Sep 2021 14:43
Forum: Proposals
Topic: [Prop 159] SSU2
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[Prop 159] SSU2

Proposal 159:


Will be discussed in #ls2 meetings, Mondays 6:30 PM UTC, IRC #ls2
by zzz
24 Apr 2021 21:15
Forum: Blogentries
Topic: Jetty 9.3.x SSL CVE 100% CPU
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Jetty 9.3.x SSL CVE 100% CPU

ref: This only affects you IF: - You have SSL enabled on your currently running Jetty eepsite (this is not the default) AND - You are running a standard install (NOT a Debian/Ubuntu package install) Workaround: - Disabl...
by zzz
21 Mar 2021 22:08
Forum: Forum Issues
Topic: Forms redirecting to https://i2pforum.i2p
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Forms redirecting to https://i2pforum.i2p

Both the login form and the post-new-topic form on forum.i2p redirect to https://i2pforum.i2p/...

Apparently, in the P-R-G, The POST still worked, but the REDIRECT to GET is to https

Workaround is to go up to the browser bar, remove the 's' but that's not too much fun...
by zzz
21 Mar 2021 22:04
Forum: Proposals
Topic: [Prop 158] IPv6 Transport Enhancements
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[Prop 158] IPv6 Transport Enhancements

Proposal 158:


Will be discussed in #ls2 meetings, Mondays 6:30 PM UTC, IRC #ls2
by zzz
22 Oct 2020 12:29
Forum: I2PSnark
Topic: Using standalone I2PSnark with i2pd
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Re: Using standalone I2PSnark with i2pd

by zzz
19 Oct 2020 11:36
Forum: Blogentries
Topic: Removing BOB support
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Removing BOB support

See http://zzz.i2p/topics/2973 Proposed timetable: - 2020-08: Note deprecated on http://i2p-projekt.i2p/en/docs/api/bob (done) - 0.9.48 ? Add wrapper and router log warning to BOB saying it's deprecated - 0.9.48 ? Remove from default clients.config but still include BOB.jar (affects new installs onl...
by zzz
10 Oct 2020 13:06
Forum: Tahoe-LAFS
Topic: Tahoe-LAFS introducers
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Re: Tahoe-LAFS introducers

what howto doc?